TS 3560F CPNE Hotpoint Easy Clean CleanProtect Induction Hob 60cm

TS 3560F CPNE - 859991665250

Shine you can count on, the easiest hob to clean using water. The new CleanProtect coating shields your hob from halos and marks, while also being five times more resistant to chipping than standard hobs, ensuring that it looks brand new even after years of frequent use. Additionally, cleaning has never been easier with just water, saving you up to six bottles of detergent per year. With four automated functions - Melting, Boiling, Keep Warm, and Slow Cooking - the My Menu feature prevents pans from boiling over and food from sticking. Plus, you can effortlessly move your pot or pan from one zone to another without any changes in heat levels, allowing you to cook with two pans on the Flexi Duo space or cover the entire surface with an extra-large pot.

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Main specification

Hob type: Electric

Number of Heating Element: 4

Width (cm): 59.0

Active Heat technology

Alter the temperature by simply moving the pan.

The whole cooking surface is divided into independent zones with different temperature levels (low, medium, and high). You can choose to move pots and pans from one zone to another, without having to touch any controls, so you can leave the cooking to us.

Active Heat
Active Heat

DIFFERENT HEAT INTENSITIES, MULTIPLE RECIPES AT ONCE. With this function, the whole cooking surface is divided into 3 or 4 independent cooking zones** with different temperature levels: medium, low or high, so you can use simultaneously multiple pots to boil, simmer or melt. And not only that, but Active Heat allows you to cook using different heat intensities by simply moving the pot from one zone to the other, without the need to interact with the user interface.

Flexi Space
Flexi Space

Flexi Space provides an ideal cooking zone, where you can place saucepans from 12 to 24 cm diameter and shift them freely from one zone to another. The surface of the cooktop responds and adapts to the saucepans placed on it, activating heat only when it has detected the exact dimension.

Residual Heat Indicators
Residual Heat Indicators

Residual Heat Indicators are an invaluable safety feature. The indicators light up to tell you if the surface of a ceramic hob is still hot, even after you have turned off the controls.

Technical data


  • Control Type : Electronic
  • Power levels : 18+booster
  • Indicator light : Yes
  • Child Lock : Yes
  • Gas type : Not available


  • Height (cm) : 5.4
  • Width (cm) : 59.0
  • Depth (cm) : 51.0

Structural features

  • Energy input : Electric
  • Number of electric cooking zones : 4
  • Number of induction plates : 4
  • Timer : Yes
  • Control panel position : Front
  • Booster : 4
  • EAN code : 5054645665259


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