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Hotpoint freestanding front loading washing machine: 10,0kg

NM11 1046 WC A UK N - 859991645220

This Hotpoint freestanding front loading Washing Machine features: a spacious, large 10,0kg capacity. Outstanding A energy rating. A fast, resource-efficient 1400 revolutions per minute spin speed. White color.

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Main specification

Capacity (kg): 10

Spin Speed (rpm): 1400

Energy Class: A

Rating: A - G hp_NEL_A_EnergyClass_right_21

Steam Hygiene

Remove 99.9%* of allergens from your wash and protect sensitive skin.

The Anti-allergy cycle is a high temperature wash that removes up to 99.9%* of bacteria from your laundry, so if you suffer from allergies or sensitive skin, trust Hotpoint to help.

*Tested by Allergy UK


Remove stubborn stains at just 20°C

ActiveCare technology increases the cleaning power by +60%* by pre-mixing the water and detergent to create a mousse that can remove even stubborn stains at temperatures as low as 20°C

*Compared to Hotpoint washers without ActiveCare.
Active Care Technology
Active Care Technology

Active Care Technology is a modern washing system which effectively pre-mixes water and detergent to create a powerful cleaning mousse, which better penetrates deeply into fabrics even at a temperature as low as 20°C to remove the most stubborn stains, such as wine, coffee, oil and tomato sauce, leaving clothes spotless and undamaged. * Obtained on Anti Stain program 20 c° (tested on Cotton) and ActiveCare option activated and tested by external institute SSOG (Italy) on more than 100 types of stains.

A Energy class
A Energy class

Unparalleled energy efficieny. Impeccable results and maximum energy savings are guaranteed thanks to A energy class.

Anti Stain
Anti Stain

Save time and achieve great wash results, with our Anti Stain programme, removing those common everyday stains with no need to pre-treat. *Obtained on Anti Stain programme 40°C (tested on Cotton) tested by external institute SSOG (Italy) on more than 100 types of stains

Steam Hygiene
Steam Hygiene

With steam it’s possible to purify your garments even doing your laundry at low temperature, eliminating 99,9% of bacteria.

Steam Refresh
Steam Refresh

Steam Refresh is a dedicated cycle to freshen clothes avoiding washing, saving time, energy and water, removing all unpleasant smells in just 20 min. Steam penetrates deep into fabrics making them slightly damp, reducing a huge part of creases and making garments easier to iron.

Anti Allergy
Anti Allergy

Anti Allergy cycle is studied for people with sensitive skins or people suffering from allergies: it is designed to remove major allergens such as pollen, mites and cat or dog hair, thanks to a high-temperature technology and extra rinses. The cycle is tested and certified by Allergy UK.

Stop & Add
Stop & Add

It happens many time to start the washing machine and after few minutes to realise you forget to add a T-shirt or your favourite jeans. With Stop&Add, you are sure you can add any forgotten garments during the first minutes of the cycle*, without compromising washing performance. *until the icon “Stop&Add” is lighted on the display, you can add garments without

Inverter Motor
Inverter Motor

This Hotpoint Washing machine's Inverter Motor is designed to ensure a long lasting performance and to improve end results.

Rapid | Green option
Rapid | Green option

The intuitive Rapid | Green Option* helps you customizing the washing cycle, giving you the possibility to choose between less time and energy saving, in only one button. You touch once for Time saving and twice for Green. - With Rapid Option: you can reduce time up to 50%** to get a fast laundry, maintaining perfect washing performance. - With Green Option: you can reduce energy consumption up to 20% ** helping to preserve the environment while doing the laundry. *Some models of the Natis Active Care range are equipped with Rapid Option only **the % will vary according to load & program selected

Start Delay
Start Delay

The Start Delay option allows you to set the Washer to begin its cycle whenever most convenient for you, saving you both time and energy.

1400 RPM
1400 RPM

Unbelievably fast. It works with a spin speed of 1400 revolutions per minute.


Countdown timer until the end of each cycle.

Wool Care
Wool Care

Trust us to provide the utmost care for your woollens with a delicate wash programme that ensures a perfect clean whilst protecting the softness of the fabric.

XXL Capacity - 10 KG
XXL Capacity - 10 KG

All the space you need to wash all your favorite clothes. With its 10kg wash capacity, this washer provides all the space you need for your laundry.

Technical data


  • Energy Efficiency Class : A
  • The water consumption of the eco programme in liters per cycle : 52
  • Weighted energy consumption in kWh per 100 washing cycles of eco 40-60 programme : 51
  • The spin speed in rpm of the eco 40-60 programme at rated capacity : 1400
  • Spin-drying efficiency class : B
  • Airborne acoustical noise emissions : 76


  • Height (cm) : 85.0
  • Width (cm) : 59.5
  • Depth (cm) : 60.5

Structural features

  • Installation type : Free-standing
  • Loading type : Front loader
  • Maximum capacity in kg : 10
  • Colour : White
  • Door colour : Dual Chromed
  • Display type : Big Digit
  • Adjustable feet : Yes - front only
  • Weight (kg) : 75.9
  • Motor : BPM
  • EAN code : 5054645645220

Main Options

  • Active Care
  • Steam Hygiene
  • Rapid Eco
  • Stop & Add


  • Synthetics
  • Wool
  • Rapid 30'
  • Delicates
  • Rinse + Spin
  • Spin + Drain
  • Steam Refresh
  • Anti Allergy
  • Bed & Bath
  • Cotton
  • Eco Cotton
  • Shirts
  • White
  • Mix
  • Woolmark
  • Eco 40-60
  • 20°C


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