Let Hotpoint assist you in making a mindful choice that benefits both your household and the environment.

We care for the environment as much as you do, and work hard to craft thoughtful home appliances that help you to reduce your environmental impact whilst delivering uncompromised quality and results that embody this very ethos.

Hotpoint appliances are here to help you achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our thoughtful home solutions are crafted with our consumers needs at the heart of everything we do. Designed to respect your value for a sustainable and efficient home.

GentlePower Washing Machines

Gentle Power Technology
This feature delicately cascades water onto the laundry whilst ensuring a comprehensive wash, whilst optimising energy and water use by 65% and 59%* respectively.

Load Detect
This feature monitors the amount of laundry within the drum and adapts the water and energy required for the cycle accordingly, facilitating savings of up to 45% in energy and 50% in water**.

87% of components used in our GentlePower washers are recyclable.

*Tested on ECO 40-60 cycle with and without GentlePower and Load Detect
**Tested on Mixed cycle with and without Load Detect

GentlePower tumble dryer

Heat Pump Technology
Unlike your traditional vented or condenser models, heat pump dryers do not use a heating element to dry your laundry, instead they use recirculated air to gently dry and protect your clothes with a cooler temperature. Making it the most efficient way to tumble dry your laundry.
GentlePower Technology
Our GentlePower tumble dryer uses heat pump technology for drying your laundry, resulting in energy consumption savings of up to 68%*.
When considering the purchase of your next dryer after extended use of your current one, 68% of the components within the GentlePower range are recyclable.

*Comparing the annual energy consumption of an 8kg Hotpoint A+++ Heat Pump Tumble Dryers versus a 8kg B class condenser dryer.

ActiveCare washing machines

ActiveCare Technology
Even at temperatures as low as 20°C*, you can effectively eliminate stubborn stains, ensuring your clothes maintain a fresh appearance for an extended period. With ActiveCare technology, water and detergent are pre-mixed to form a mousse that deeply penetrates fabrics, effortlessly eliminating challenging stains like wine, coffee, oil, and tomato sauce.

ActiveLoad Technology
By gauging the weight of your laundry and monitoring the water absorbed throughout the cycle, you can be assured that only the minimum amount of resources are used, whilst delivering a great cleaning results. Helping you keep your bills in check.

*Obtained on Anti-stain programme 20°C (tested on Cotton) and ActiveCare option activated and tested by external institute SSOG (Italy) on more than 100 types of stains.

Hydroforce built-in dishwasher

Automatic Programmes
Effortlessly adapt the energy, water, and time usage according to the dirt level, ensuring pristine, dried dishes while conserving up to 50%* of resources. Opt for Auto Intensive for tough, baked-on food, Auto Mixed for daily loads, and Auto Fast for lightly soiled dishes.

ActiveDry technology
Achieve 99%** better drying results and 40%*** energy savings with ActiveDry.
When the internal temperature reaches approximately 40°C, ActiveDry facilitates natural yet enhanced drying performance by opening the dishwasher door by 10cm, promoting natural air circulation.

*Results referred to the auto mixed programme and to water. Different level of savings reached on the other auto cycles. Tested internally comparing least intensive and most intensive execution of the auto cycle

**Based on average drying performance of Hotpoint built-in dishwasher with 3 racks and ActiveDry on combined load including plastics, glass, steel and porcelain as compared to Hotpoint built-in dishwasher with 3 racks without ActiveDry. Drying performance results may vary based on dishwasher model and load.

***Percentage of energy saving calculated vs. deactivated ActiveDry option for Eco programme.

Induction Hobs with CleanProtect

A nano-coating treatment that shields your hob from halos and marks that can develop over time. It is five times more resistant to chipping and easily cleans with just water*, saving you up to 6 bottles of degreaser a year**.

*Compared to Hotpoint’s non-coated standard hobs

**Saving calculated in a period of 1 year, considering 11.4 ml of generic degreaser (equivalent to 6 sprays) used 8 times a week; bottle capacity 750 ml


We provide free parts for the first 10 years of owning your appliance, with installation conducted by our expert engineers. Upon appliance delivery, we extend the service of removing and recycling the packaging, as well as your old appliance for small fee. We responsibly handle your old appliance through either recycling or refurbishment at our reworks facility.


The Planet Mark Business Certification sets us apart as we're the only large kitchen appliance manufacturer to receive this.

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