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Heat Pump Technology The most efficient way to dry your clothes

Dispelling the myth that tumble dryers can't be energy efficient... allow us to introduce Heat Pump Technology; a new, economical way to dry your clothes, linens, bathware and bedding, whilst saving up to 50% in energy.

Protecting your energy consumption

Taking the warm air that's distributed around your clothes, Heat Pump Technology removes the moisture, then recycles it through the machine, passing it back around your clothes again and again, until they're perfectly dry.

It's an economical approach to tumble drying that saves up to 50% in energy consumption compared to standard condenser dryers, meaning it helps saves you money.

Caring For Clothes

By using cooler temperatures during the drying cycle, Heat Pump Technology means less stress on your favourite clothes, so fibres don't lose their shape, vibrancy and softness.

Together with gentle drum rotations to reduce friction, clothes, linens and towels get the care they deserve, so you get better longevity.

Looking after your home

Did you know that drying your clothes indoors on radiators and hanging frames can increase moisture in the air?

Popping your clothes over the radiator not only means you're more likely to turn the central heating up to get your fabrics dry, but it will also put extra damp in the air, which can cause mould.

By choosing an efficient Heat Pump Tumble Dryer you not only keep moisture levels where they should be, but you also save money by using a more economical approach to drying, plus it keeps your radiators free to do the job they were intended for; keeping you warm on cold nights.