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No more hot and cold spots, just perfectly even heat across the entire surface of the pan and 20% faster*.

*compared to a standard gas hob


Hotpoint know that In order to accommodate and cater to different types of cooking requirements, preferences and kitchen sizes; we must offer a wide range of hob types to cater to all the different cooking needs. Therefore, Hotpoint offer an excellent range of elegant gas hobs, electric solid plate hobs, radiant hobs and induction hobs that can come with either 2, 4 or 5 burners. All these hobs have their own innovative features to assist your type of cooking style and needs. These include direct flame options on our gas hobs to evenly heat the entire surface of your pan and child lock options on our induction hobs so you can feel safe that little hands will be unharmed. Read the online reviews and discover the closest place to purchase your Hotpoint hob.
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