Hotpoint Home IQ with Suzi Perry

Walking through your typical modern home, Suzi, demonstrates that by mixing smart thinking and improvements in technology with all aspects of your life you can make your home smarter and cheaper to run.

Throughout her career, Suzi has seen how innovations in tech can improve our lives and speaking on her quest to boost the nation's Home IQ, she added: "In the current era of technological change, where 4G and HD are everyday terms, we readily upgrade our smartphones and gadgets annually. If we apply this level of thought to the innovations within our home, we would not only expand what we can do within it but save precious time and money in the process."

Suzi's quest is reinforced with the fact that 8 million homes in the UK have not upgraded their appliances in the last decade. A recent survey, commissioned by Hotpoint to uncover the nation's most life-changing products and innovations, has also revealed that when it comes to appliances, only 16% of people felt their home was 'up to date'.